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The Vehicle Modular Platform (patent pending) was originally designed with vehicle crews in mind. The problem was how to provide both a means to fight from a vehicle and also deploy or evacuate with extra mission essential equipment. The solution was the Vehicle Modular Platform ("VMP").

The VMP is designed to strap onto the front or back of your vehicle seat, bulkhead or ATV for stowage of extra gear, ease access to extra medical supplies/ammo and prevent any loose gear from becoming

The Vehicle Modular Platform-Compact (VMP-C) was designed to meet the needs of smaller vehicle seats and limited mounting space. The VMP-C has many of the same features as the original model but in a much more compact system. The VMP-C includes a VS17 signal panel, carrying handles and a sling style strap for hands free portage. The VMP-C is ideal for a myriad of tactical and civilian vehicles including the following: HMMWVs, MRAPs, Bearcats, Jeeps, Land Cruisers.

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